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Minggu, 26 Oktober 2008

Tips of Vespa




With Honestly,

Physically, Scooter is wheel motor vehicle type two (2) where rider pampered with balmy and unique vehicle construction also its security in riding. According to History, Scooter in Language of Italy is “Wasp" this matter of obsession of scooter or form looking like Wasp. Borned Scooter of state of Italy this in production by this Piaggio have of trade mark to of VESPA. Existence of Vespa in Indonesia in the reality can unite hundreds of people and make they you or more its. its his in mentioning BROTHERHOOD. Early from is changing over each other information among devotee- devotee of vespa, this relation/link becoming sliver and finally intertwine brotherhood bearing Club or Community which do not signalize individual ego, but this is matter more to form brotherhood in one Community utilize to tighten brotherhood string among/between humanity devotee of vespa. Leave for measure of matter above no intention from me to bluff x'self, purposes and objectives I am is not other share experience and compare notes to all friends. As for insuffiency and excess of this prolog is I am personal request to be corrected, because basically there no human being in this perfect world


Principle of performance from at machine of vespa this base on two stroke or two step, first step is rinsing and also its mixing among/between previous air and fuel have in arranging from carburetor, last of step both of process emphasis of fuel of burning room is so that happened by explosion of sprinkling of spark plug fire and fuel causing the existence of motivation of piston turning around balanced crank shaft and transmission gear coupling. Hereunder I will explain peripheral of machine of Vespa Super ‘76 consisting of.

I. CARBURETTOR Carburetor is one appliance composition arranging fuel supply to room burn, this a appliance which working kinetically without electronic appliance of rider only arranging air supply pass/through accelerator foot control of which there is last drive acceleration handle of other peripheral of carburetor correspond to by self its

II. IGNITION of is So-Called Process ignition is the happening of one sprinkling of spark plug fire as lighter of fuel which have been mingled and rinsed by balanced crank shaft or of crank shaft existing in room burn to utilize the happening of explosion yielding motivation of piston Fire exist in spark plug yielded from existing BOBBIN CIRCUMFERENCE PLATINUM in magnetic field, electrize from bobbin circumference in stabilizing fairish CONDENSER of last 2 farad in system or signaling by PLATINUM electrize which passing process above in strengthening or enlarge by COIL, this process affect sprinkling of fire in SPARK PLUG with power of more than 4000 voltage with weak ampere dot.

III. ROOM BURN Room burn is one room exist in machine of vespa to yield energy have capacities to 150 CC, here happened process of MIXTURITATION or of Mixing among/between fuel have gasoline type to with CRUTCH ACE air or balanced crank shaft after mix by fuel in transferring by its piston which have impelled by previous process of cavity passing of transferring exist in BLOCK CYLINDER, last of natural fuel of emphasis to vacuum room exist in HEAD CYLINDER here happened explosion result of from pressure and sprinkling of spark plug fire, rest of fuel which is have dioxide carbon type to thrown into the air release to pass/through hole throw away flange to functioning pipe throw exploit gas throw away as compression return to complete process hereinafter, as well as this pipe throw function as silencer voice explosion,

IV. GIRATION OR ROTATION MACHINE Three process above yielding gyration or rotation of gears and machine exist in gearbox in passing COUPLING or of clutch which is function as automatically neutrally of gear rotation of according to with desire of rider in gear of box consist of GEAR PRIMARY or more in recognizing with tooth of compiler gyration of tooth of compiler this in direct correlation to GEAR SECONDARY or more knowledgeable as incisor. Arrangement of transmission of speed of tooth 1 to 4 of by CRASH GEAR or crossed tooth of this direct arrangement in linking to conducting or power handle, the unique of this machine in energy transfer do not use system enchain. In all important easy and cheaper treatment is correctness and to fine use this machine.


i. Dirty Carburetor often or needle choke up In this problem affect direct fastly motor, motor in accelerate to choke up- motor or opposite also difficult to live sometimes also spark plug often die seen from tip of its isolator spark plug of black chromatic of blackest resulting to lose him sprinkling of fire in its Solution spark plug

1. Cleaning fuel tank of rust and dirt

2. Check after gasoline of fuel crust

3. Cleaning carburetor use wind compressor of check return hole- hole of needle don't there is dirt which is left behind, correctness in claiming in this case

4. Check hole size measure of needle have snugly not yet highness don't or is small. If/When highness of motor will be extravagant of fuel as well as spark plug often die. size measure of needle hole have directive to at factory standard gauge

5. Setting or tuning of ideal needle have to snugly according to experience of me its way by tuning carburetor stationer at highest style, then turn around ideal needle use screwdriver of right after desisting rotation tail slackened again to is left of slow heard by machine voice in highest rotation,

ii. IGNITION of is Problem of ignition also will affect direct at accelerating motor or motor cannot live, hardly of motor starter usually ignition constraint reside in at platinum style which not true, can also one of the peripheral of ignition of Spark Plug like, Coil, Platinum, Liquefier, Bobbin circumference Ignition there is which have improper wear or death. its solution: First step check color tip of spark plug, if/when black chromatic of spark plug blackest sprinkling of its solution fire will not improve repeat size measure of needle jet propulsion pilot and play jet propulsion, if/when color tip of sorrel spark plug hence checking to part of which is ignition of the other use worthy Coil if us of short circuit spark plug cable with distance to machine mass predict to predict 8 mm still happened blue chromatic fire hop, if/when blue color not here rose colored fire hop or sprinkling this means platinum style not true or the its him which it is true have weakened, fire hop of coil influenced direct by platinum style, Tuning of real correct platinum is to apart alienation among/between minus connector and its plus connector about 0,5mm. by using screwdriver of minus, need in considering its tuning don't in hammer it because matter will take a short cut age wear platinum of because the connector within is not diametrical bent or. Hop that happened at platinum also relate to the condition of condenser Inspection of condenser very what easy if/when happened fire hop in this platinum in because condenser you have improperly wear, change your liquefier or there is a way of other that is transplanting liquefier with other liquefier or its condenser system in double of the size is same liquefier capacities 2 farad, Last is check of bobbin circumference ignition of you still use worthy or have to in changing with newly, sign of bobbin circumference damage ignition, usually bobbin of bobbin circumference chafed, roll of bobbin circumference loosen, broken bobbin circumference. If altogether stabilize hence you is obliged to check puur nap or accuracy of ignition but previously see first the condition of magnet spi broken or do not also see the condition of rotor still nicely or have do not, size measure of nap puur is 21 degree before dead dot of condition or axis lead piston above.

iii. Motor stuck this cannot starter is an problem of more fatal machine usually this matter happened in because BEARING there is damage, piston forceps or of CONECTING damage ROOD, Piston ring broken, PISTON improper wear, peripheral in box gear there is which broken, SPIRAL SPRING TOOTH PRIMARY mould, PLATE COUPLING which have improper wear. toothless TOOTH STARTER or mould. Its Solution process have to go down us and machine have to unload all peripheral of machine so that/ to be is easier of checking of him/ it. If in checking of peripheral in the reality there is better damage of our. Change with newly, to take care of things which do not in wishing which might possibly wait happened in us of operate the vehicle of us in road street.

iv. iv. Motor is not balmy in riding or joggles in a condition this outside from at machine except peripheral of and supporter of stabilizer machine rubber or vibration, problem of this concerning us comfortable in ride because all this will affect direct in SAFETY REEDING safety of threatened us if/when this matter in letting. As for solution of herewith :

check of is condition of eligibility of and tire of rims, if/when bald tire have to change the condition of rims even also have to stabilize don't there is joggle Check of is condition of ace swing still use worthy or do not, usually in a condition this next pig nutmeg will joggle what ace if swing to destroy, all that affect direct at control system vehicle of you, Check body at fulcrum like, MOTOR BODY, BONE CROCODILE, HOLE ACE MACHINE, FULCRUMS PRETEND BEHIND, ETC. If/When happened rustiness. at body don't let that thing dissolve because will cause damage of more fatal body even have happened not or arrive to arrive broken. Check the condition of STABILIZER VIBRATION or machine rubbers and of shock breaker also MOUNTING pretend behind, if/when seen have damage or worn out have to in short order in changing. Check of SHOCK BREAKER, what if pretend breaker have weakened goodness spiral spring him or pretend is obliged to we change, don't forget the condition of good wheel nut of boisterous back and also front in a condition and locked by breach-block nail axis. Don’t once your times rill of spiral spring bet with your soul just because lazy to improve repairing it.


That way this prologue is I submit to you as my brother in vespa, correctness of you is key of comfortable safety and in riding vespa in road street, DON'T YOU HAVE PUT LIFE ON THE LINE YOU WITH VEHICLE WHICH IMPROPER WEAR. Before and after I render thanks. Sweet Vespa Bravo of glorious Indonesia always.

Yours Faithfully.

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Anonim said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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